American Speech-Language Hearing Association
Offers public information about a wide range of speech, language, and hearing disabilities in both children and adults; packed with educational information about aphasia and recovery.

American Stroke Association: Stroke Connection
Offers resources for pediatric and adult survivors and caregivers alongside general information and tips for life after stroke; features user-submitted stories detailing personal experiences with stroke. Links for support groups, hotlines, and resources also available.

Aphasia Access
Offers informational and educational training tools focused on the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA), which centers around the life concerns of those impacted by aphasia; information for individuals, clinicians, and family members.

Aphasia Friendly Resources
Offers free access to information packets, picture charts, goal setting forms, and YouTube videos relevant to members of the community with aphasia; provides an informational link to the Aphasia Support Community (ASC) for Friends and Family, an online group for conversational partners of people with aphasia.

Aphasia Hope Foundation
Charitable foundation that works to increase the public’s awareness of aphasia and effective long-term treatment available to people with aphasia. Serves as a resource for families, friends, and caregivers.

Aphasia Software Finder
Provides a search option to locate apps that can be used to practice skills in different focus areas impacted by aphasia; categories include reading, writing/spelling, talking, listening, etc.

National Aphasia Association
Promotes the care, welfare, and recovery of people with aphasia through public education and support of research; offers printed materials, an information hotline, a newsletter, and a listing of support groups.

National Stroke Association
Free magazine subscription to StrokeSmart Magazine, featuring the latest research, practical tips on money, life after stroke, and general wellness; webpage also features a helpline and tools to locate a support group.

NIH/ National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke – Aphasia
Comprehensive information and support services for those with aphasia and their families; offers patient and professional information, education materials, sponsor meetings, scientific workshops & research.

Patient Provider Communication Tools
Provides downloadable and printable bedside signage, emergency communication forms, medical question forms for use when speaking with medical professionals, and other assorted communication boards; includes signage to indicate dysphagia diet specifications.

The Aphasia Center
Information and resources for caregivers; tips and advice for self-care while balancing the responsibility for others’ wellness.

UK Stroke Association
Informational PDF providing guidelines for improving access and clarity of written communication for individuals with aphasia; guidelines developed as part of a research project funded by the UK Stroke Association.