About the groups

The stroke recovery groups at the USC Speech and Hearing Center are for people who have difficulty communicating as a result of stroke. This problem is referred to as aphasia. The following are some of the symptoms that people with aphasia have. (A person may not necessarily have all of the symptoms):

  1. Difficulty coming up with the right words to say
  2. Difficulty understanding the speech of others
  3. Difficulty reading and writing

Benefits of attending the Stroke Recovery Groups

Group members receive speech and language therapy to improve their communication with their family members, friends, and caregivers. This is accomplished by working on communication in a group setting with other individuals who have similar problems. All sessions are supervised by a certified speech-language pathologist.

The groups also provide individuals the opportunity to interact with and receive support from other persons who have suffered a stroke.

The USC Stroke Recovery Groups are completely free for individuals with aphasia. All sessions take place at the USC Speech and Hearing Research Center.

Can a person who has suffered a stroke recover?

Current research shows evidence that individuals who have had a stroke can continue to make progress even after a year post stroke.

How to join a Stroke Recovery Group

If you, a family member, or a friend would like to participate in one of our stroke recovery groups, please call Leigh Ann Spell at (803) 777-2693. You can download a brochure here.