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Did you miss our 2021 Virtual Aphasia Community Event in March?  Debra Meyerson and Steve Zuckerman talked about their book, “Identity Theft: Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke”.  See a recording of the event here:

The Aphasia Ambassadors are a group of stroke survivors who have aphasia.  They are volunteers who are available to talk with anyone with stroke and aphasia (or their family members/friends) who would like more information on what it is like to live with aphasia.

If you would like to talk with an Aphasia Ambassador about their story, please get in touch with Dr. Leigh Ann Spell at the University of South Carolina Aphasia Lab.

 (803) 777-2693

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Steve Gordon:  Aphasia Advocacy in Action – April 2019
Advocacy in Action: A New Aphasia Support Group
Alison Dinkins, Graduate Assistant

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Thanks to Dori Tempio and Able SC, a free Community Leadership Academy class was offered to friends of the Aphasia Lab including participants with aphasia and caregivers. On the day of course graduation, students of the course gave a presentation detailing their intentions for future involvement opportunities in the community.

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The South Carolina Speech and Hearing Association (SCSHA) held its annual convention in Myrtle Beach from February 15-17th, 2018. Each year at this convention, the SCSHA Ambassador Award is given to honor a person with a communication disorder who has
demonstrated outstanding perseverance while also continuing to advocate for speech-language services.

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Willie Bonaparte has been participating in research studies within the Aphasia Lab for nearly 15 years. “Back then,” Bonaparte explained, “we had to go all the way to Charleston for the testing.” As Bonaparte described his experiences, he pointed out and greeted two other men who he explained would make the trip to Charleston with him years ago to participate in research studies. 

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