Emerging Scholar



The Emerging Scholar is the highest level and most competitive track in the MCH LEAP program. The Emerging Scholar is reserved for upperclassman who have a detailed plan for what they want to pursue in MCH and are prepared to offer a higher level of time commitment. This level is for students who want to dedicate their futures to maternal and child health and desire to expand their experience in research and practical MCH knowledge.


  • Must complete an interview and present letters of recommendation to be considered
  • Complete intake paperwork, including IDP
  • Assigned faculty mentor and meets with mentor 2x per year
  • Required to engage in online learning to increase MCH knowledge
  • Required to take at least 1 MCH-related course
  • Required to engage in volunteer, internship, or fellowship (can be during summer)
  • Required to complete an MCH-related project (research, Honor’s, etc.)
  • Required to present at Spring Summit
  • Strongly recommended to submit project to conferences/competitions

Award per year: $2,000